10 Studio Ghibli Films Everyone Should See

One of the the most successful animation studios of all time, some even refer to Ghibli as the 'Disney of Japan'.

What's Studio Ghibli you ask? Oh I don't know...only one of the the most successful animation studios of all time, responsible for numerous award-winning films that break down cultural barriers with their universal appeal. Oh yeah, and some random guy called John Lasseter is a devoted fan. Some people even refer to Ghibli as the 'Disney of Japan', whatever that means. Really, what else is there to know?

Every Disney must have its 'Walt' and in Ghibli's case, the main man in question is Hayao Miyazaki, a renowned director, animator and screenwriter who co-founded the studio back in 1985 with fellow filmmaker Isao Takahata. Together, the two men are responsible for some of the most financially and critically successful films ever made in Japan. Not too shabby eh?

Hayao Miyazaki€™s latest film The Wind Rises is the third Studio Ghibli film to ever receive a nomination for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards and Ghibli fans worldwide are hopeful that it will win the studio their second Oscar. Now you're up to date, read on to find out which 10 Studio Ghibli films everyone should see and if you've already watched most of them, see if you agree with my choice for the number one spot.


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