10 Stunning Movies With One Awful CGI Moment

So close to perfection.


It goes without saying that basically every major Hollywood blockbuster is extremely reliant on CGI these days, and in fairness, when it's used appropriately it can be an incredible tool for smart filmmakers to achieve mind-bogglingly impressive results.

But when a director is spinning countless plates and potentially dealing with up to a dozen different VFX houses on a single movie, maintaining a visual consistency isn't easy.

As such, even splendid-looking films with state-of-the-art CGI aren't beyond delivering a shot or a scene that just doesn't look right.

That's certainly the case with these 10 films, all of which boast terrific, cutting-edge effects work, only to drop the ball in one unforgivable and unforgettable moment.

Do these CGI gaffes ruin the movie? Of course not, but they do add a needlessly cringe-inducing element, and one that undermines their otherwise sublimely convincing world-building.

And then there's District 9, which despite being a decade old and costing just $30 million, still looks miles better than most movies released today.

Having Peter Jackson as a producer and presumably getting a mate's rate on the VFX probably didn't hurt, though...


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