10 Stunning Movies With One Awful CGI Moment

8. The Batpod Flip - The Dark Knight

Tron Legacy Clu Jeff Bridges
Warner Bros.

Like all of Christopher Nolan's blockbusters, The Dark Knight is a technically astonishing achievement for so many reasons, least not that Nolan strived to use as little CGI as possible while coming up with practical solutions for the epic action sequences.

This went as far as Nolan actually flipping a truck end-over-end for real rather than just letting a VFX house figure it out in post. However, Nolan did nevertheless indulge in one awful CGI beat that sticks out like a sore, repulsive thumb.

Immediately after Batman (Christian Bale) has flipped The Joker's (Heath Ledger) truck, he drives the Batpod into a wall and performs a 180-degree flip off the wall, turning around to face the audience and The Joker.

The problem is that the CGI physics just look totally off, making a scene clearly intended to be cool look absolutely laughable.

Nolan apparently included the moment in the movie after seeing one of his kids pulling off the maneuver with a toy, and as such it's a rare technical miscalculation from a director who has so often proven himself meticulous in this regard.


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