10 Stunts That Went Wrong In James Bond Films

Famke Janssen probably regrets telling Brosnan to go so hard...


The James Bond film franchise is the longest in cinema history, with its use of spectacular real life stunts a major reason for its success.

While many are rightfully in awe at the death defying stunts by Tom Cruise for the Mission Impossible films, the fact is that Bond films have been doing this for years. With the exception of Pierce Brosnan's Die Another Day, CGI has been largely left alone, bringing an authenticity to the action sequences like no other film series.

But with real life stunts comes real life risks, and this list explores those sequences in 007 film's that went awry. The reasons for these failed stunts vary significantly, from unavoidable accident to actors over doing it to staggering producer errors. The consequences also varied and while most involved are able to walk away with a funny story to tell, this isn't always the case.

10. Daniel Craig Gets Injured In Every Bond Film


It's hard to believe that many fans and critics initially didn't think Daniel Craig was suitable for the role of 007 because he was too soft. This belief was largely accrued due to him wearing a safety vest for a publicity stunt for his first film in the role, the acclaimed Casino Royale, and the fact he was blonde. Thankfully these naysayers were proved to be way off task, especially with Craig producing a darker, brooding Bond that if anything, has been accused of lacking humour.

The image of Craig as a tough nut is backed up by the extreme treatment he has put himself through for the Bond franchise. Craig lost two teeth during a fight scene in the production of Casino Royale, a rather inglorious start.

Not to be outdone, the Blonde Bond then managed to slice the top of his finger off during filming of Quantum of Solace, which must have been a particularly stressful set considering Craig also had to take on board significant writing duties due to a writers' strike. While Craig saved himself any significant pain for the filming of Skyfall, he was back in self harm mode for the filming of Spectre, injuring his shoulder during the filming of a fight scene at Pinewood Studios, temporarily delaying the shoot.

Incredibly, during production of his final effort in the James Bond role for No Time to Die, Craig managed once more to get injured, again delaying filming for the movie. According to The Guardian, Craig injured his ankle while running in a scene shot in Jamaica when Craig slipped and fell. No wonder the Bond frontman said he would rather slit his wrists than take on the role again!


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