10 Stupid Decisions Made By Characters In The Alien Franchise

Sometimes the characters making stupid decisions can be deadlier than the Xenomorphs themselves.

Alien Covenant
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It is a well recognised trope within most horror films that at some point, for maybe no reason at all, a character may do something so stupid that it will result in their death or the deaths of everyone else in the film.

This kind of trope can usually be found in all kinds of horror films and is also present in the Alien franchise.

While Alien and Aliens are considered among some of the best films ever made, the other films from both the original and prequel series of the Alien franchise have not been able to replicate the same standards fans were familiar with. This doesn't mean that the characters from the first two films are flawless, or that there aren't questionable decisions made by its characters throughout the entire series, but they're definitely more pronounced in the later entries than those that released earlier.

Whether they were a highly trained marine or an expert in their own scientific field, there have been multiple instances where characters of the Alien franchise have doomed themselves and their fellow crewmates to an early demise due to their own stupidity. So, without further delay, here are the dumbest decisions in the Alien franchise.

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10. No One Fully Deciphers The Transmission Coming From LV-426 Before Landing - Alien

Alien Covenant
20th Century Studios

The first entry on this list focuses on a major mistake being made by the whole crew of the Nostromo in the very first film in the franchise.

The ship's computer, Mother, awakens the crew and requires them to investigate what could be a potential distress signal on the uninhabited moon LV-426. Dallas, Kane, and Lambert then head out onto the moon's surface and discover that the signal is coming from a derelict alien ship.

But just as they enter the ship and lose contact with the Nostromo, Ripley is able to decipher part of the transmission and discovers it is a warning to stay away. Kane is then attacked by a facehugger and rushed back to the Nostromo against Ripley’s wishes as acting senior officer.

This sequence of events makes one wonder why no one thought it was a good idea to decipher the whole transmission before setting foot onto an unknown planet. Instead of anyone thinking about what important information they could learn from the transmission, or if it is indeed a distress signal in the first place, they decide to listen to Mother and end up making a mistake that ends up endangering them all.

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