10 Stupid Movie Controversies That Totally Missed The Point

Scandalizing is a lot tastier than actually getting the point of a movie. Who'd have thought?

It sometimes seems like controversy makes the world go round. If a film veers even slightly from the middle-minded values of the majority, it's going to be attacked for permitting this, glorifying that, or committing some grand moral indecency that simply cannot be tolerated. While it's fair to say that most of these complaints do come from the right of the political spectrum, whatever your politics, it's easy to see that controversy is so often spun out of misinformation and ignorance. Are these 10 films challenging in their own ways? Absolutely, but the criticisms are so often off-base because people love to get swept up in a scandal, and frankly, it's much easier to just regurgitate what a newspaper is telling you to be outraged about than actually do the research and think for yourself. That's the reason these completely misplaced controversies came about in the first place. Do you disagree? Are the complaints apt? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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