10 Stupidest Moments In The Worst Movies Of 2013

2013 may be over, but as awards season winds down, its movies and memories are still very much in our minds. I'm not just talking about the upcoming Academy Awards, but also the Golden Raspberry Awards, which honour the very worst that cinema has to offer (and take place a day before the Oscars). In fact, for every awe-inspiring moment of cinematic brilliance, there's at least one equally mind-numbing moment of awfulness to balance it out, though hopefully unlike me, you'll have avoided sitting through some of these movies. Yes, for the most part they were all movies we pretty much expected to be terrible, but these scenes in particular made our blood boil and our stomachs wretch at how something so inane and irritating could make it onto a cinema screen. We've got gross-out humour, ridiculous abuses of great actors, laughable product placement, and much, much more. Please add your own suggestions in the comments below.

10. The Sick Stick - Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 was one of the year's most disappointing sequels, a reminder of what can happen when a fantastic property is left in inept hands, wasting the massive potential of its dark narrative, and some interesting left-field casting choices (namely Jim Carrey). There are plenty of bad scenes to choose from (namely Dave being dumped out of nowhere by his girlfriend), but the worst comes when Mindy aka Hit-Girl finally reaches the end of her tether with the popular girls she's been hanging around with. When they provoke her in the cafeteria, she gets out her so-called "sick stick" and begins to wail away on the girls, causing mass vomiting and even a bout of diarrhea. There probably are circumstances under which this might be funny, but in a film that was already losing favour, this just felt pretty desperate, and the poor quality of the CGI chocolate mouse just made it seem all the worse.

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