10 Subtle Instances Of Method Acting You Didn't Even Know About

There might be method to it, but it's still madness.

Charlie Countryman
Millennium Entertainment

There are some actors who, when they go full method, really let you know they're going full method. It's not just there on screen, but practically screaming in your face.

It's there in the dramatic weight loss - or gain - that the likes of Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway have put themselves through. It's there in Heath Ledger's chaos-fuelled take on The Joker, Adrian Brody's performance in The Pianist, and just about everything Messrs Brando, Day-Lewis, and De Niro ever committed to screen. Well, except for Dirty Grandpa. Hopefully.

Sometimes, though, an actor will commit to going method even when the results aren't so obvious on screen. They'll put themselves through physical discomfort and pain, risk their own safety, or just get really, really weird in order to get into character, but you don't even realise it when watching them play out.

10. Jared Leto Went 'Blind' For Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 Jared Leto
Warner Bros.

Jared Leto may not have sent condoms to his fellow Suicide Squad cast members, but the actor - who previously shed weight dramatically for Dallas Buyers Club - did go method for his odd turn in last year's Blade Runner 2049.

For the role of the blind Niander Wallace, head of Wallace Corporation, Leto himself decided to go blind, in a fashion. The actor took to wearing contact lenses that made his eyes opaque, and insisted on wearing them both on and off set, having to be guided around by crew members as he attempted to navigate the world without sight.

Director Denis Villeneuve called it "insane", but in the final movie Leto's character doesn't really have to do much walking about, so just wearing the contacts for filming probably would've sufficed.


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