10 Subtle Pixar Movie Details You Definitely Didn't Notice

Only the most eagle-eyed fans catch some of Pixar's work...

Monsters Inc Sully

There are some things you can expect when you go into a Pixar movie: surprisingly adult themes (no not that kind of adult), high emotional stakes and a catalogue of familiar Easter Eggs like the Luxo Jr ball and the Pizza Planet truck. But the studio that seems almost incapable of failure (even the less good ones make money) also makes sure they aren't just trotting out the same references and hidden details by rewarding the most eagle-eyed viewers with even more eye-opening touches.

Most of the time, these little details are hidden in the background or obscured so consciously that it takes hours of pouring through still footage or many, many watches to even catch them. And that's precisely why Pixar do it: they know the value of that exchange between fan and film-maker, and it seems inevitable that every film they make will continue to be stuffed with gags, references and foreshadowing details that only the most observant will spot.

So, even if you've watched them countless times and pour over them every time, there's a good chance you never picked up on these super subtle details at all...

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