10 Superhero Films You Won't Believe Could Have Happened

10. Kurt Sutter's Punisher


Sons of Anarchy is a CRIMINALLY underrated series - a Hamlet-inspired crime show about the inner workings of a motorcycle gang, starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, and Ron Perlman for anyone living under a rock. The FX series was dark, gritty, and difficult to watch at times but it was also deeply human, exploring the inner turmoil of troubled, violent people with surprising nuance, and the man behind it all was showrunner, Kurt Sutter.

After the release of 2004's The Punisher, starring Thomas Jane, Sutter was hired to write a sequel to the film, and things didn't work out.

Sutter claims that he tried to humanize the Punisher, delving in the character's backstory and putting some motivation behind his actions. Allegedly, Marvel wasn't a fan of this, as they wanted the character to be more two-dimensional.

On one hand, that seems like an easy way to shift blame off of himself for writing a bad script. After all, Jon Bernthal's Punisher humanized the character to great effect. On the other hand, this makes some sense, as this was before Marvel began to consistently put out quality films with the MCU.

Either way, this is one movie we'll never get to see.


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