10 Superhero Movie Clichés That Need To Die


Where would comic books be without their abundance of clichés? And perhaps more than any other popular creative medium around, here's one that finds clichés generally embraced by both writers and readers alike - they've become such a big part of comic book lore, that you might be disappointed to find them missing from your latest read. But pick up a comic book and you probably know what you're getting: sad childhood, bizarre experiment resulting in an origin story, character comes to terms with his powers, a major villain is introduced... And that's fine, because those tropes are the building blocks to any good comic book narrative, and have been for over 70 years. Still, that doesn't mean that a bunch of us have become kind of tired and bored with so many of the most familiar comic book clichés that have made their way onto the big screen. Here's 10 of 'em that we'd like to see far less of in future cinematic adaptations. Not that they should disappear for the rest of eternity or anything, but maybe it's time to bury these clichés for a while and dig 'em up at a later date. You know, when we've forgotten that they ever existed in the first place or something.
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