10 Superhero Movie Performances That Were Totally Oscar-Worthy

The Academy looks down on superhero movies too often...

Marvel Studios

Up until very recently, superhero movies were never considered for Oscar nominations, at least not for personnel. Make-up and special effects were eligible for the nod (Suicide Squad even nabbed an Oscar), but direction, writing and acting had odds at pretty much zero.

This year, Black Panther got some more recognition, but because we can’t have nice things large swathes of the internet decided this was down to reverse racism, not because of brilliant acting and a timely subtext. Even that though didn’t get any nominations for individual performances, and that’s a trend which has gone on far too long.

Heath Ledger is, of course, the exception that proves the rule, winning for his mesmerising turn as Joker in The Dark Knight. However, the fact this win is still so clearly remembered is testament to the fact that comic book audiences are so starved of major awards.

Clearly, three to five major movies a year with A list casts and stellar budgets make up for that, though.

These performances definitely have more than a little Oscar bait quality to them, and in a less frowned upon genre, could have totally took home the golden statue.


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