10 Superhero Movie Staples That Weren't In The Comics

Never go full leather.

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There's no bigger business in Hollywood right now than superhero movies, and after many years of toil, it's so satisfying to see so many comic book films daring to take the source material seriously - and actually adapt it faithfully.

But sometimes filmmakers think they know better - and sometimes they actually do - by opting to alter long-held aspects of comic book lore or flat-out replacing them for the sake of more mainstream audience consumption.

And all 10 of these staples and tropes have since become firmly recognisable aspects of their respective superhero movie franchises, such that audiences might not even appreciate how the characterisation, aesthetic, or narrative trajectory differs from the comics.

In some cases it worked splendidly, so splendidly in fact that the comics actually incorporated the alterations in canon, but others have sadly remained pointless, groan-worthy divergences from established lore and style that fans just have to put up with.

For better or for worse, these iconic and distinctive elements of your favourite (and not-so-favourite) superhero movies weren't inspired by their paperback forebears...

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