10 Superhero Movies That Made Major Changes To Iconic Comic Moments

Or: how Snyder thought he could do Watchmen better.

Watchmen Zack
Warner Bros. Pictures/DC/Wikipedia

The superhero genre may have been a blockbuster staple for nigh-on two decades at this point (and has been a notable force in cinema for double that), but it's only really in the past few years we've started to consistently get comic book movies that actually seem to be paying attention to comic books.

It sounds crazy in a year with six releases full of source-faithful ideas, but for a long time little more than character names and basic power set were taken from the graphic novel - the later Reeve Superman films and Schumacher's Batman outings should be enough to attest to that - but as things have progressed and superheroes have gone from niche appeal to blockbuster staple we've seen studios more confident to get the more conventionally nerdy concepts out there.

But that still doesn't mean everything's always done faithfully. The parameters of a cinematic universe or the ridiculousness of certain comic turns make it impossible to treat the source with total reverence, and often iconic comic moments have major changes made in the transition to the big screen. Some are for the better, some much worse, but all say a lot about the superhero filmmaking process. Here are ten of the most fascinating examples.


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