10 Superhero Team-Ups We Must See In MCU Phase 4

With so many characters now in the MCU, it's high time for some team up movies.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has, in its 11 years of existence, spawned more than 20 feature films, half a dozen Netflix shows (all of which are cancelled because Disney no longer wants to play ball with the other kids) and several television shows either already airing or set to air later this year.

That's a lot of stuff to keep track of and a lot of characters to keep up with. However, if ever there was a reliable way to do both of those things and be entertaining while doing it, it's this: crossovers!

Marvel Studios has already promised plenty of crossovers for phase 4, now that they have so many established characters who all know each other. So this got us thinking of which crossovers would be the weirdest and yet most fun to do?

No MCU property is being left off the table here, if the character has been adapted to the MCU (and is still alive) then they're viable for the list. With the granted caveat that Marvel cannot use any of the Netflix heroes for two years at least due to contracting issues. These Marvel Cinematic Universe team ups are just plausible enough to have the potential to occur, while also being out there enough to be interesting to see play out across a film or tv episode.

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