10 Superheroes That May Need Recasting (And Who Should Play Them)

Just in case.

Stephanie Beatriz

Over the decades numerous actors have proven themselves to not be the greatest of people behind the camera, with acts ranging from giving used condoms to co-stars all the way up to literal murder.

While no superhero actors have been accused of anything like the latter example, actions within that spectrum of poor morality have been committed by the stars of your favourite comic book movies on multiple occasions.

Unsurprisingly, executives are of the opinion that keeping these actors around does not send the best message to the public; so after such allegations have been made there is often rumblings of recasting.

Of course, a need for recasting does not always come because of reasons that negative. Usually, it will either be the classic 'this is not connected to the previous stuff you watched' (i.e: Spider-Man) or 'our actor dropped out so we need someone else' (Hulk). Don't worry, not every Hollywood actor abuses their significant other! (As far as we know.)

Whatever the reasons may be, there are several superheroes who may potentially be recast in the coming months or years - here are some suggestions for which actors should fill those gaps.

10. Batwoman - Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz

After the news that Ruby Rose would be leaving Batwoman after only one season, Stephanie Beatriz (AKA Brooklyn 99's Rosa Diaz) seemed to throw her cowl in the ring to take up the role.

And why shouldn't she? She certainly meets all the prerequisites to play the character.

Take her aforementioned most famous performance from Brooklyn 99 for instance, in which Beatriz transforms herself into basically a completely different person to portray a tough detective that occasionally shows cracks in her hard exterior when it comes to people close to her. It's not a massive stretch of the imagination to see her bring something similar to Kate Kane.

On top of that, Beatriz is LGBTQ+, an element that isn't necessary, but is definitely nice when it comes to an LGBTQ+ character. Also, to mention Brooklyn 99 just once more, the large following of that show would likely provide a healthy boost to Batwoman's viewership if she signed on, meaning her casting would please fans and executives alike.

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