10 Supporting Film Characters That Completely Stole The Spotlight

9. Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) - The Matrix Trilogy

Warner Bros.

Unfortunately, the sequels to the original and by far most impressive Matrix film proved not to be kind to Agent Smith, whose character went from extreme to extreme, without the right restraint. However, the brilliance of the first film revolved around the superbly sinister villain, who sought to end his human foes once and for all with a bitter efficiency.

With Keanu Reeves not exactly bringing too many acting chops to the table, Weaving acts him off screen with a wonderfully measured performance, blending robot-like tendencies with a bitter and terrifying hate for those that oppose him. As a machine/man, Smith is truly electrifying to watch as he calmly and coolly threatens, fights and works his way towards winning the war against the humans.

the fuThe one moment where he truly lets the persona drop, spilling his guts to Morpheus in a convincing and unsettling scene, is fantastic, and Smith is quite possibly, after the special effects, the most memorable aspect of the first movie, which remains an exhilarating classic.


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