10 Surprisingly Accurate Lessons Gone Girl Taught You

You're more like Nick and Amy than you'd think, so learn from their mistakes.

You don€™t want to be a Nick or an Amy, but it€™s exactly what you are. No, you aren€™t a murderer in the making. You€™re just a person who lies when it€™s convenient and tries to be what society tells you you€™re supposed to be. To put it in layman€™s terms, you€™re human. Maybe you saw Gone Girl after reading Gillian Flynn€™s best selling novel. Maybe you saw it in order to catch a glimpse of Ben Affleck€™s junk. Maybe you just wanted to see what the Oscar hype was all about. No matter what your reasoning was, the 150 minutes should€™ve gone by in a flash, because the characters and their interactions are unlike anything that€™s ever been on screen. At first glance, they appear unbelievable and unlovable. However, after getting to know them and seeing the darkest corners of their minds, you€™ll realise that you share a few too many of their traits. Instead of worrying about what€™s wrong with you for relating to such despicable characters, you should focus on the things they€™ve taught you. Sometimes, it€™s easier to learn from a twisted couple's mistakes than it is to learn from a perfectly happy, yet boringly bland couple in a gooey romantic film.


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