10 Surprisingly Rubbish Animated Movie Villains

Proof that being evil doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to pull off.


There is an inherent obviousness in the observation that evil characters in Disney have a certain tendency towards ineptitude. If the villains are too good at their job, then the heroes would lose, and you can't exactly have that in an animated film.

Disney isn't particularly well known for their shock downer endings (the plight of Bambi not withstanding). Yes, bad things can happen, but the endings can normally be depended on to have some note of positivity to wrap things up in a nice little bow.

But that doesn't let the incompetent villains off the hook entirely. There are plenty of examples of villains who put the hours in and execute their evil plans perfectly well, only to be foiled by extenuating circumstances or the bad luck of facing off against particularly intelligent and quick-thinking heroes. Those are not the people included on this list.

The villains that end up here are the type whose plans are so hopelessly misguided and shoddily executed that they are, quite frankly, a disgrace to antagonism everywhere.


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