10 Terrible Movie Stars Who Just Can't Act At All

10. Katie Holmes


Before she married Tom Cruise, most people would have known Katie Holmes as the classic girl next door character from the TV drama Dawson's Creek. Which makes a lot of sense, because Holmes is indeed the girl next door. And absolutely nothing else. The girl next door is a role that Katie portrayed in a decent enough way but when that's all you can do it's not going to get you very far. Holmes managed to land the part of Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and then foolishly declined to appear in The Dark Knight (most likely because someone was holding some sort of Scientology device to her uterus and jumping on the couch demanding she make babies). To be fair though, her acting as Rachel Dawes was hardly excellent, so she wasn't actually much of a miss when The Dark Knight came around: she was badly out of her depth, and her bland performance is one of the only poor beats of the entire film. The point is that you have to suspect that Katie Holmes will never be capable of doing anything besides the cute girl next door schtick.
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