10 Terrible Movies By Great Directors

9. Song To Song - Terrence Malick

The Counsellor
Broad Green Pictures

With a career spanning nearly five decades, Terrence Malick has delivered thought-provoking and beautiful films for multiple generations of cinema lovers to enjoy. His movies are always visually stunning and often feel larger than life, with content that is deeply philosophical. Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, and The Tree of Life are just a few of the extraordinary works he has produced.

However, Song to Song is the weakest movie Malick has ever directed. Despite being visually beautiful and containing strong acting performances, it feels empty and aimless. The turbulent love lives the film is centered on are uniquely uninteresting. The film lacks the powerful commentary that Malick's other movies provide, and instead opts for airy, half-formed ideas that are delivered by the central cast.

There is no clear rhyme or reason to anything that happens; if Song to Song ever had a compelling story, it was lost in the editing suite. It's an exceptionally hollow film, made more disappointing by the fact that it came from a director as talented as Malick.


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