10 Terrible Movies Everybody Loves

8. Final Destination

Idle Hands
New Line Cinema

Defend it if you must but if you take a step back and think about the story of Final Destination you'll realise how hilariously hamfisted the whole affair is.

The premise is that a group of lucky students and their teacher avoid death by stepping off a plane before it suddenly explodes. Having had its plans foiled, Death itself begins to pick the survivors off to get what is owed.

That sounds like a pretty great concept, until you start to ask why couldn’t Death just give them incurable diseases or sudden heart attacks? Instead, it goes for the most shock factor nonsense that breaks all illusion and makes the viewer aware that they are just watching a movie (which becomes a series) about “who can have the wildest death”.

As such, Final Destination completely fails as a thriller and becomes an amazing black comedy. The simplest termination is a laugh-out-loud sudden hit and run with a bus. The more complex include a Rube Goldberg style machination featuring a cracked mug, vodka, a PC monitor, fire, blood, a towel, a knife rack and eventually a chair.

If you believe in guilty pleasures, Final Destination as a film and even as a franchise is the right kind of guilty pleasure to have as something that keeps you guessing about its specific brand of nonsense.

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