10 Terrible Movies That Inspired Their Own Cult Followings

Movies so bad they convinced their audiences they were brilliant.

There's something moreish about bad movies. We're not talking about sub-par films here, the ones that didn't quite make the cut to being adequate. Those movies are boring. We're talking about the films that have the audacity, drive (and usually incompetence) to be utterly terrible, and become wonderful for it. You must have done it at least once: gathered a few friends together in front of the TV with some popcorn and beers and laughed your asses off at the worst low-budget rip-off horror film you could get your hands on. It's a cathartic experience that brings people together, and gives films that would otherwise be lost to the highest, most remote shelves of video rental stores (if they still existed) a new lease of life. However, sometimes those films transcend even the living-room viewings for which they were never intended and end up back on the big screen with a real, huge audience through some quirk of fate. Audiences begin viewing the film in a new way and appreciate it for a whole host of reasons that the filmmakers didn't intend in the slightest and it becomes a cult classic. Cast reunions, midnight showings, comedy commentaries and even nostalgic documentaries can result from such a rediscovery, which can reignite the flames of people's careers or remind them that even the worst film can find an audience. It might come a little late, but it's better than never. With all that in mind, and in the spirit of finding joy in what once was joyless, here's a list of ten godawful movies that found an audience that knew that and decided to love 'em anyway...


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