10 Terrible Movies That Should Have Stayed In Development Hell

Some movies would have definitely been better off if they were never made at all.

Paramount Pictures

Development hell is a cold, barren wasteland littered with countless ideas that have failed in their attempts to escape and reach the promised land of the big screen. Making movies is an incredibly difficult process, and the vast majority of pitches never even make it past the first hurdle.

An idea has to become a script, which needs to be approved and green-lit by a studio, then the producers get involved, more writers are drafted in for polishes, budgets need to be worked out, and a cast and crew needs to be hired before the thought of even shooting a single frame can be considered.

The longer a project remains stuck in development hell, the less likely it becomes to ever see the light of day, and some of the biggest names in the business have found themselves unable to escape its clutches. However, some movies have battled for years and even decades and finally managed to get themselves into production, only for the end result to be so terrible that it would have worked out much better for everyone if they'd just remained in purgatory instead.


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