10 Terrible Movies That Tricked Us With Awesome Posters

Well played, Hollywood marketing. Well played.


In the age of viral marketing and teaser trailer upon teaser trailer you’d think that the art of the movie poster is all but redundant. But that’s not so: posters are still an important part of marketing a movie and besides you can’t hang a trailer on your wall to ensure all your houseguests are aware of your superior taste in films, can you?

There are some absolutely stunning movie posters out there – so stunning, in fact, that it’s arguable they’re an art form all of their own. But they say you should never judge a book by its cover and the same sentiment applies to films. Just because a movie’s artwork is great it doesn’t always mean we’re in for a great movie.

You’ve got to hand it to the movie marketing business though: they certainly know how to polish a turd and sell said polished turd to us moviegoers with gusto with awesome posters that craftily disguise the crappy films they’re promoting.

May these movie posters be a lesson to us all in not taking things at face value.


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