10 Terrible Movies With One Incredible Scene

Max Payne's drug trip is the only worthwhile part of an awful movie.

Max Payne Mark Wahlberg

Generally speaking a terrible movie will be persistently terrible throughout, being a result of writing, direction, and acting that were ill-conceived from the ground-up.

Yet sometimes filmmakers manage to strike gold in just a single fleeting scene, as is absolutely the case with these 10 movies which are otherwise not remotely worth your time.

These solitary scenes are the only lingering proof that the filmmakers had the kernel of a good idea when they put these movies together, but for whatever reason things just didn't pan out.

From promising opening scenes that set a perfect tone of absolute dread, to glorious mid-film monologues, insane cameos, and ludicrous final battles, these scenes had the free-wheeling vibe and entertaining energy that the rest of the movie lacked.

Are they worth sitting through the entire movie for? Probably not, because your time is more precious than that, but these singularly excellent sequences nevertheless live on as glorified short films well worth watching in isolation on YouTube.

The lesson here? No matter how unconscionably awful a movie might seem, no film is beyond pulling off a banger scene totally out of nowhere...

10. The Opening Mass Suicide - The Happening

Max Payne Mark Wahlberg

M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening is a textbook example of a filmmaker squandering a terrific concept on shoddy execution.

The premise, of a mysterious disaster sweeping the world in which people commit mass suicide, had so, so much potential, yet Shyamalan got a little too high off his own supply in this case and the result was an often unintentionally hilarious misfire led by an outrageously miscast Mark Wahlberg.

But The Happening at least kicks off in ultra-compelling fashion, wasting no time at all letting loose with its gonzo premise.

The first scene in the movie captures the onset of the suicidal pandemic of-sorts, where in Central Park a woman calmly stabs a hairpin through her neck, before a group of construction workers throw themselves off the roof of a building they're working on.

The visual of the construction workers sailing calmly off the roof and slamming into the ground is genuinely haunting, horrifying stuff, and sets up a far more intense, unsettling movie than the laughable farce we ultimately ended up with.


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