10 Terrible Scenes That Ruined Highly Anticipated Movies

The Matrix Revolutions

Are there many things worse than sitting down in the cinema, watching your most anticipated film of the year, when you realise, in fact, it sucks? This will often be the result of a multitude of dreadful scenes - as is the case in most of these movies - but there's almost always one scene that sticks out above the rest and truly pushes us past the tipping point, where we go from merely disappointed to downright outraged at the cinematic atrocity taking place before our very eyes. Whether it's an unsavoury plot twist, sheer goofiness, a gaping leap in logic, or a misjudged tone, these 10 highly anticipated movies all fell to pieces on the basis of one particularly disagreeable scene...

10. The Mandarin Reveal - Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 was doing so well; Tony Stark's beach-side mansion had been blown to smithereens, and the stakes were high as he had to press on with limited tech to take down The Mandarin. Tony sneaks into The Mandarin's home using a primitive Iron Man suit he cobbled together, and upon reaching the villain's bedroom, we see that Ben Kingsley's character is actually a decoy, an actor hired by the "real" Mandarin, Aldrich Killian, to give the terrorist a global name and face. The scene single-handedly kills the movie stone dead, as it not only does a huge injustice to a much-beloved comic book character, but drains the tension out of the film, taking a character who had been firmly built up and turning him into a punch-line in a very poorly judged joke. The film never recovered, and comic book fans have been raging ever since...

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