10 Terrible Things Everyone Forgets About Beloved Movie Characters

The worst aspects of your favorite characters that their films made you overlook.

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Cinema has been around for over a century at this point, so it's no wonder that we've encountered up a ton of movie characters we'd march naked into Hell for if they so much as asked. However, even the truly great characters have certain things about them that we should all object to... if they weren't so damn charming.

Movie studios obviously love playing up the more attractive parts of their most marketable characters, so it stands to reason that you're not gonna be seeing Superman breaking Zod's neck on any official DCEU ads. That doesn't mean they should necessarily be allowed to get away with it all scot-free.

In all honesty, knowing that some of the most beloved characters have murky pasts serves to make their impact even more impressive. So maybe remembering their darker parts is important...?


10. The Blues Brothers Ruin The Lives Of Everyone They Know

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It's amazing how much you'll forgive someone's destructive tendencies when some of the people caught in their cross-hairs are Nazis. And while that bit of moral balance is what lands the Blues Brothers safely at the bottom of this list, don't take that to mean that they're off the hook at all.

Forgetting the obvious fact that by the end of this movie, the Brothers have caused more damage to a major American city than your average Avengers film, the Blues Brothers take an almost sexual delight in making everyone around him as miserable as humanely possible. Them recruiting people for their band basically comes down to "annoy the hell out of them until they relent".

And then there's Elroy's ex, whom he left at the altar and whose life he ruined to the point of turning her into a murderous angel of vengeance.

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