10 Terrifying Horror Movie Deaths You Don't Remember

Those deprived, disgusting deaths that even die-hard horror hounds have forgotten about.

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By its very nature, the horror genre is one so often full of death, death and more death. Whether it's a slasher picture, a supernatural affair, a psychological thrillride, a classic monster movie, a found-footage feature or any of the other various horror subgenres, this murky corner of cinema is one overflowing with carnage.

For some of these demises, they forever remain ingrained in our mind. As examples, who could ever forget Scream's opening act death of Casey Becker, the infamous shower slaying of Psycho's Marion Crane, or the six-year-old Michael Myers carving his sister Judith up in Halloween's first few minutes? Such moments not only stand out in horror, but these are legendary moments of cinema, period.

On the other side of the fence, there are other chilling kill sequences that are often forgotten or maybe simply haven't even been seen by the masses. And it's those such deaths that the attention is on here, as this list revisits some absolutely twisted kills that you may have removed from your mind entirely.

With that in mind, then, here are ten brutal, disturbing horror movie deaths that even the most die-hard of horror hounds may have somehow forgotten about.

10. Lori - The Final Destination

The Helpers
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The clear caveat here, is that the death in question - that of Shantel VanSanten's Lori in The Final Destination - doesn't actually stick. That said, Lori does wind up dead by the film's close, because... well, because that's how the Final Destination franchise rolls.

Of course, this is the FD movie that opens up with a racetrack-set disaster that sees the death of numerous people as part of a premonition from central protagonist Nick (Bobby Campo).

Somewhat straying from the norm of the previous three pictures, The Final Destination then later sees a second premonition from Nick. This time, it involves a cinema screening going array in explosive fashion, and it's here that Lori suffers one of the franchise's most disturbing deaths.

For those who always take a nervous second look as they board an escalator, this kill is the stuff of true nightmares. With the cinema and the mall which houses it falling apart, Lori ends up falling to her death in the whirring motors of an exposed escalator. Despite her best efforts to cling onto Nick for dear life, VanSanten's character drops into the spinning cogs below her.

Nick would stop this premonition coming to pass, wiping out this particular death, but both he and Lori end up biting the bullet for real in the final sequence of the picture after the coffee shop they're in gets ploughed into by a truck.


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