10 Terrifying Horror Movie Monsters (You Never See Kill)

The body counts may be small, but the scares are anything but.

Annabelle Comes Home
Warner Bros. Pictures

When it comes to horror movie villains, it's almost always about the kills. The quantity and quality of creative death scenes that come at the hands (or tentacles) of the genre's biggest bads are always championed and highlighted by fans, and for good reason: they're the bread and butter of most horror films.

You're scared of these monsters because of the horrible things they can do to you, and they'd lose something if audiences thought they were toothless, incapable of actually following through on their threats.

Kills aren't everything, though. Especially when it comes to PG-13 horror, which has to play it more conservatively in what gruesome demises it can and can't show, filmmakers are still able to deliver terrifying horror baddies that you surprisingly never see do much on-screen damage.

After all, the genre often wrings more fear out of what you don't see than what you do, and that's never been more true for the following ghouls.


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