10 Terrifying Horror Movies Based On Human Experiments

Human experiments sure are terrifying, but what films use the concept best?

The Skin I Live In
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Humanity can be capable of some dreadful things, and most of the time, even just a little bit of power can bring out the worst in people. Because of this, there have been a plethora of unethical experiments completed on human subjects, with many breaking in shockingly recent times.

There is such a dark and macabre vibe behind the idea of humans performing tests on each other. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people are fascinated and terrified by the concept, which has led to it being used in all sorts of mediums such as books, games, and, of course, movies.

Horror flicks are always seeking fresh and terrifying source material to explore, and what could be more appropriate than the subject of human experimentation?

The following ten movies chose to embrace this dark side of humanity fully and generated some terrifying movies based on the concept. Some of them create hypothetical scenarios, and others are inspired by real-life experiments, making their twisted moments all the more horrifying.

Warning: This list will contain real-life events that may be distressing to some readers.

10. Exam

The Skin I Live In
Bedlam Productions

Sometimes, you don't need a considerable set-up, wide array of locations or massive amounts of plot to keep a film engaging. Exam proves that you can base a movie in one distinct location, allowing the narrative to move forward through the characters' interactions and still generate a tense and scary atmosphere.

The movie follows eight strangers who have all turned up for an exam - as you could probably guess. This group is locked into a singular room and given a simple question, with the person who answers it winning a prestigious and highly sought after corporate job. However, it doesn't take long for the scenario to become dangerous as confusion and chaos erupt.

While this concept doesn't make the movie sound too frightening, it certainly is. The characters' complete paranoia is accented by the claustrophobic space, which entombs them in their irrational thinking and causes the strangers to become violent and unpredictable. This is only fuelled further by the competitive aspect of their task.

The idea behind this experiment is fascinating, as it looks to examine how people respond when given vague instructions in a competitive environment and are left to their own devices. As was probably expected, it devolves into anarchy.


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