10 Terrifying Horror Villains The MCU Won't Use

The most messed up characters from the house of ideas that likely won't be making it to screen.

Skinless Man
Marvel Comics

One of the next big MCU movies that everyone is waiting for is Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness. Mostly because this movie promises to be the MCU's first true blue horror movie. Which is definitely an interesting idea when you consider just how far the movies have gone to remove the more messed up aspects of certain Marvel villains.

Oh sure, Killgrave and the other Netflix MCU villains had their moments of being legitimately creepy, but those shows played by different rules than the movies do. And they barely scratched the surface of the kinds of horrific monsters the Marvel Universe has at its disposal. Several of them, in fact, are likely to never see the light of day on the big screen, at least not without some HEFTY changes being made to their character.

Some Marvel villains are just too scary for general audiences. Whether due to their powers, actions, presence, or all of the above, there's just something about them keeping them from getting their shot at the big screen.

10. Arcade

Skinless Man
Marvel Comics

Our first entry is a character that, in all fairness, could definitely end up in the MCU in some form or fashion. However, it's unlikely that he'll turn up in anywhere close to the same form as he is in the comics. Arcade started off as a villain of the X-Men, as the undisputed winner of the "can you tell that Chris Claremont created this dude?" challenge.

Bright, colorful, campy as all hell, but with that little twinge of malice that made Claremont's creations so damn cool, Arcade was a minor nuisance for the X-Men, but a memorable one. But then, other writers got their hands on him, and he got a little...intense.

Now, Arcade is a twisted, Jigsaw-like figure, master of the horrific death games known as "murderworld". Which is basically what happens when you take your average game of Roller Coaster Tycoon, with YOU playing the hapless guests at the mercy of the almighty tycoon.

Arcade isn't a "play fair" kind of dungeon master, he's more the "kill a major character immediately before the game even starts for the lols" kind of dungeon master. And while this would make for an entertaining villain, it's safe to assume that the MCU film he shows up in will take his antics down a few notches.

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