10 Terrifying Moments In Comic Book Movies

Spider-Man 2's surgery scene didn't have to go so hard, and yet...

spiderman 2
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Comic book movies have certainly grown up over the past few decades. While some may laugh at the more corny entries like Batman and Robin, the entire movie genre has spread out to include much grittier material when it comes to death, violence, and general destruction

After the genre moved on from the silliness of the sixties Batman TV show, a whole new generation came to the forefront to inject some more disturbing imagery into the superhero formula, just as the comics had done decades prior.

It's not like these are happy accidents either, with horror directors like Sam Raimi and Scott Derrickson being tapped to direct some of the more extravagant comic book productions in recent years. These guys clearly know their stuff, and they're going to flex their strengths when the time calls for it.

So no matter how many times you watch something like Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers, there's always one other movie that is willing to push the envelope and leave you in absolute shambles. These movies may still be a blast to watch, but when it comes to these few scenes, you might want to keep your guard up.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead

10. Arrival of X24 - Logan

As a typical superhero movie, Logan really belongs in its own separate category. Instead of any by-the-numbers fight scenes, this quasi-Western shows Wolfie coming to grips with his old age while trying to hang on to the heart of why he became a hero in the first place. Logan has clearly made some mistakes that he has to live with, but he may not have expected to have that checkered past look him square in the face.

While on the run from Donald Pierce, Logan, Dr. Charles Xavier, and Laura settle down with a family who offers to take them in, but Logan ends up getting a different kind of visitor.

Working together with Pierce, Dr. Zander Rice had been working on the next version of Logan known as X24. Thinking he is sharing a tender moment with his pupil, Charles graciously invites in X24 before being savagely killed by the clone.

Though the scene that follows features some great one-on-one combat between X24 and Logan, the incredible bait and switch from warm and inviting to all-out terror can leave any longtime fan in tears. Logan was already a pretty dour movie, but after this one moment, you knew that Logan's next battle would be bittersweet at best.


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