10 Terrifying Movie Apocalypses We Should All Embrace

Come Armageddon, come!

Armageddon. Never has a single scenario invoked as much fascination in our demented species as the apocalypse. Human beings seem to revel in ploughing a furrow directly towards the all-out destruction of ourselves and every other feckless species that are unfortunate enough to have been saddled with us on this sprightly little planet. Whether we opt for taking a steaming great dump on the environment causing Mother Nature to put us all up for adoption; or for a pair of all-singing, all-dancing dictators to have a rowdy game of conkers with a couple of megaton nuclear warheads, you just know one day we€™ll cross the t€™s and dot the i€™s on an uber-catastrophe. Hollywood, of course, is riveted by it. In fact, it€™s so hell-bent on spewing out disaster flick after disaster flick that you sometimes start to believe those bat-sh*t conspiracy theories that state the US government is in cahoots with film-makers to ensure we€™re sufficiently anaesthetised to the end of the world so when it does eventually happen we won€™t give a toss either way. Regardless of what€™s coming in real life you can rest assured that motion pictures will provide a far glossier, invariably dumber, and much more entertaining apocalypse than reality ever could. We hope. Plus there€™s popcorn. Of all the wonderful movie apocalypses on offer, here are ten of the most exciting. Put your feet up and enjoy the warm, comforting embrace of the end of the world.

Chris James Peet says hello. His interests include hoping for the best and sitting in chairs. He much prefers moaning to counting his blessings and suffers fools gladly. He also likes to look out of the window and check what's in the fridge but he hates standing up, dripping taps and reality.