10 Terrifying Secrets Hidden In Famous Movies

These details can't be unseen.

Cloverfield 2008

The majority of filmmakers can't help but throw in a few subtle aspects into their work. Whether it's a background gag, a nod to another movie, or a meta-reference, these secrets are often overlooked, since little attention is drawn to them. Although sneaky visuals like this can be innocent enough, others may offer a deep insight into the main characters, a specific plot point, or foreshadow the ending.

Occasionally, something may be gleaned that turns out to be extremely creepy. There are times where a well-hidden element can be bloodcurdling, heart-wrenching, or flat-out gross. These moments can be scary in their own right, while others re-contextualise the story, encouraging a rewatch.

Although eerie Easter eggs are understandable in a horror flick, it's surprising when they feature in something more light-hearted like a romcom or an animated feature. These insidious secrets can be so unnerving, that it might've been better if they were never discovered in the first place.

Whether it's a repulsive detail, a WTF visual, or a chilling line of dialogue, every entry on this list has at least one terrifying secret tucked away somewhere.

10. Not Playing With Chips - Django Unchained

Cloverfield 2008

Time and time again, Quentin Tarantino has shown a real flair for depicting violence. As a result, it's no surprise the esteemed director's slave revenge story, Django Unchained, doesn't shy away from the darkest aspects of the subject matter. The Oscar-winning drama depicts hangings, torture, attempted castrating, and an absurd amount of bloodshed.

Having said that, there's one sickening moment that's easy to miss. Just before our silver-tongued hero blows away the trackers during the third act, they're sitting at the table while playing a round of poker.

On closer inspection, it's clear the trackers aren't playing with poker chips, but human ears. More specifically, they're playing with the severed ears of slaves. 

As disturbing as that sounds, it gets worse. While rewatching the movie, slaves without ears can be seen at Calvin Candie's estate.

Even though the trackers are obviously the scum of the Earth, seeing them casually using body parts to gamble highlights how morally bankrupt they truly are. After noticing this gruesome detail, Django's massacre against Candie's lackeys is somehow even more satisfying than it was to begin with.

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