10 Things About 80s Movies Everyone Misses Today

9. Body Swaps

Honey I Shrunk The Kids Rick Moranis
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You wouldn't think it at first, but the 1980s were obsessed with body swap stories.

Take Vice Versa from 1988 for example. A big-screen adaptation of a book from 1882 (which also counts as the '80s, if we're being technical), Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage star as a father and son who switch bodies and learn to get along as a result.

Then there's 1984's All of Me, where Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin are forced to share the same body, and also learn to get along. Or what about 18 Again!, where a grandfather ends up in the body of his teenage grandson and they learn to get- ok, you get the picture.

Not all of these films are great by any stretch of the imagination, but as a concept, body-swapping still has a lot to offer. There are ways to make it more interesting too, like in Big, when Tom Hanks grows older overnight.

He also probably learns to get along with somebody, but that's besides the point.

The '80s did this idea to death, but perhaps now is the time to give body-swaps a new lease of life.

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