10 Things About 90s Movies Everyone Misses Today

9. Old Skool Hip-Hop Soundtracks

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Though it got going in the 80s, hip-hop and rap exploded into pop culture in the early 90s.

Biggie, Tupac, Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and countless other artists all became megastars in the decade as their brand of angsty, anti-authoritarian hip-hop spoke to the disenfranchised 90s youth.

This was reflected in the world of film, as the 90s was stacked with great movies about the genre and the lifestyle that accompanied it.

Speaking of music specifically - these movies all had banging soundtracks as well.

1992's Juice had songs by Eric B & Rakim and Salt n Pepa. House Party had contributions from Flava Flav and LL Cool J. Coolio performed Gangster's Paradise for the Dangerous Minds soundtrack!

Yes, we still have hip-hop in films today, but it really lacks that classic 90s feel. It was a different time, one we'll never get back.

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