10 Things You Didn't Know About Disney's Frozen

From gay characters to Amy Winehouse, there’s a lot hidden in Frozen’s icy heart.

Everybody knows of Frozen. And by everybody, it's like literally, everybody in the world except for perhaps twelve people who have chosen the underside of a rock as their primary habitation. In fact, you€™ve probably heard of Frozen so much in the past year that you want to punch a child in the face the next time you hear even the opening notes of the inescapable €œLet it Go.€ Of course, Frozen€™s pervasive popularity can easily be attributed to the excellence of the Oscar-winning film, which is both critically acclaimed and dearly, dearly loved by audiences. The relentless, loveable winter€™s tale of magic, sisterhood, and the power of love is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, and will be stamped in our collective memories for years to come (for better or for worse). But, really, Frozen€™s ubiquity and legacy is for good reason: the amount of thought and effort that goes into an animated film of Frozen€™s calibre is unparalleled by any live-action counterpart, a staggering combination of technology, research, and good old-fashioned storytelling. There are aspects of animated filmmaking that go largely unconsidered by the average moviegoer, from the technical to the artistic and more. So, despite its cultural omnipresence, there are many surprising secrets that can be thawed out to chart Frozen€™s journey from the sketches to the silver screen.
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