10 Things You Didn't Know About Disney's Frozen

6. New Software Had To Be Developed For Elsa's Hair

Yeah, Tangled can€™t even have one thing over Frozen, apparently, not even what it€™s named for. Rapunzel, for all she€™s worth, had twenty times less hair than Elsa: Rapunzel's head contained about 27,000 strands of (very long) hair, whereas Elsa took it to a whole different level, requiring upwards of 400,000 computer-generated threads. Elsa€™s ice magic apparently extends to her superhuman hair, because the average person has only about 100,000 (Anna, by contrast, had roughly 140,000). Because of this, animators had to create a whole new program called Tonic to animate Elsa€™s hair and its intricate, braided styles. The software €“ and the volume €“ allowed Elsa€™s and Anna€™s hair to have more realistic form and movement, allowing it to act more like a moving €˜sculpture€™ than as individual strands. The developers called it a kind of €œbarber-shop€ style of hair animation, useful for the princesses€™ Scandinavian €˜dos. Even more new software was created for other aspects of the animation as well, including the aforementioned creation of snow. A program called Flourish was also created for realistic clothing movement, as the wintry setting required the characters to don many layers of thick clothing.
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