10 Things You Didn't Know About Masters Of The Universe

It's even more insane and crazily planned than you thought it was. Seriously.

Mooted as the €œStar Wars on the 80s€ by the outlandish producing team of Golan and Globus at Cannon Films, 1987's Masters of the Universe may well have worked under different circumstances. With Rocky IV star Dolph Lundgren in the lead, and flanked by Frost/Nixon's Frank Langella, future Friends€™ star Courtney Cox, Meg Foster and 80€™s stalwart James Tolkan, the first attempt to bring He-Man to the big screen certainly had some promising ingredients. Sadly, the finished product annoyed more than it pleased. Masters of the Universe is today considered a flop by most in film circles, grossing just $17 million in a year that saw Three Man and a Baby, Fatal Attraction, Beverly Hills Cop 2 and Dirty Dancing strike it rich. But what many don€™t know is how much a struggle Masters was to make for its director Gary Goddard (who never directed a feature again), and what mad stories were brewing on the huge sets back in the later parts of 1986. Despite its obvious problems, Masters still retains a certain charm nearly three decades later. So with that in mind, here for your reading pleasure are 10 just such stories from Castle Grayskull.

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