10 Things We Learned From Marvel's 'Assembling A Universe'

Yep, that's the Hulkbuster, busting Hulk.

Agents of SHIELD was temporarily shelved last night for a very special hour long look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To some of you, this was a disappointment because you missed another hour of the SHIELD action you crave. To others, it made no difference because those viewers aren€™t regulars to SHIELD, and thus didn€™t know the difference between airing an episode or not. Regardless of which camp you fall into, last night€™s special was an interesting look into the world that Comic and Movie fans alike have been enamoured with ever since Robert Downey Jr. suited up and saved California.

Among the topics discussed last night were ten interesting things that we learned from this all access special. Here now are those ten interesting facts from the past, present, and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

10. Marvel Studios Was Basically Launched To Make "The Avengers"

With tons of other studios dipping their hands into the Marvel catalog already, it looked like all of the popular kids were picked for kickball first. Spider-Man, X-Men, even The Incredible Hulk were all covered by other studios. Yet there were still a couple "B-Tier" heroes that had enough clout to be made into really good motion pictures. Thus, Marvel Studios was born, with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk on deck as the first two films. There were really good reasons behind choosing those two films to start, among them being that they were members of the mightiest fighting force on Earth. Let it never be said that comic fans don't ask the right questions. At Comic Con 2006, the possibility of a crossover was breached by a curious fan, and Kevin Feige dropped the bomb right then and there. The strategic choices of which heroes to adapt as films, the fact that Samuel L. Jackson was going to be Nick Fury, and the creation of Agent Phil Coulson... everything was leading up to The Avengers. With Marvel Studios formed and starting to fund its own films, a very big universe was about to be created.
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