10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About The MCU

From glaring plot holes to ugly clashes with directors, the MCU is far from perfect.

Fake Gauntlet THor Ragnarok Hela
Marvel Studios

In only 10 years, Marvel have created the biggest entertainment empire ever. In that small amount of time the studio has produced 19 movies (with many more in various stages of development), created almost as many TV shows and made more money than any franchise in the world.

However, although Kevin Feige and co. have pulled off the impossible (for evidence on how terribly the idea of a creating a shared universe could have been, just look to the failure of the DCEU or Dark Universe), not every second of the decade has been smooth sailing.

Building an empire isn't easy, yet alone one that has to bring together a ridiculous amount of stories, characters and, of course, filmmakers, and while Marvel have done their best, there are a few things they'd rather fans forget.

Whether that's issues with the mythology which've never been properly addressed or business decisions that blew up in their face, looking back into MCU's history reveals more than a few skeletons in its closet.


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