10 Things Movies Get Wrong About Space

Hate to break it to you, but Mars is NOT red!

Disney/Marvel Studios

As each year goes by, our knowledge of the great big vacuum of space and what it feels like to travel/exist in it grows more and more.

In the last 50 years alone, we've confirmed the existence of black holes, discovered the first planets outside of our solar system and even found out that Jupiter's moon Europa has an ocean on it!

Yet, despite most movie studios definitely having the resources to bring in a former astronaut or space expert, a large number of sci-fi flicks still seem to get certain details wrong when it comes to various aspects of space, space travel and other planets.

Of course, older space adventures can be forgiven as filmmakers simply may not have been aware of what we know now. However, even newer releases get their facts all wrong on occasion.

Sometimes this can be down to the truth just not looking impressive enough to find its way into a blockbuster movie. Yet, more often than not, these mistakes are down to people not doing their homework before green-lighting particular scenes in some of our favourite space features.

Houston, we've got a few problems...


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