10 Things Movies Got Wrong About Science In 2015

Why Pixar characters should be dead and Mad Max should pack a scarf.

2015 has been a great year for movies and over the past 12 months it seems more and more of them are playing with science. Superhero movies are ten to a penny while other studios are exploring space or the natural world. It is, of course, very important when writing and producing movies that a film studio can deliver all the immersion, believability and enjoyment as is possible and there€™s no way to spoil this than churning out a load of flannelly science. It seems like almost every studio going has made some sort of science blunder this year. It could be something constructed to advance the story, perhaps it was used to pump up the intensity and sell more tickets or maybe, just maybe, some silly screenplay writer simply dispensed with the idea of consulting an expert and just blundered their way through a script using the odd pinch of pop science here and there, buckets of urban mythology and a huge serving of made up terminology to wash it all down. So let€™s look back on 2015€™s movies by exploring some of their biggest science fails of the year. It ought to wet the appetite for 2016 if nothing else.

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