10 Things You Need To Know About Mad Max: Fury Road

Everything you need to know about the return of the man named Max.

Mad Max, and particularly the second film in the franchise, The Road Warrior, remains one of the most beloved and revered film franchises in action movie history. A pinnacle of the post-apocalyptic survival genre, its examination of tribal warfare and human savagery in a world where oil has all but run out was the prototypical film of its type and has never been surpassed (others, like Waterworld and Doomsday, have been little more than pale imitations really). It's the franchise that made Mel Gibson a star, before Lethal Weapon came along. The franchise that introduced fans to George Miller, before Happy Feet hit it big. The franchise that gave the film going public the V8 Interceptor, The Great Humongous, Master/Blaster, and Tina Turner in the desert. The first two trailers for the new film, Mad Max: Fury Road, have been above expectations and intriguing. Miller's appears intact, but ramped up to eleven; the movie, from what has been seen, has an epic, take no prisoners feel to it - and it looks completely insane, which is exactly what a Mad Max film should look like. Yet despite all that, not a lot is known about the movie despite it being in the can for some time now. So lets take a look at ten things you need to know about George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road in advance of its May 2015 release date!

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