10 Things You Need To Know About Star Trek 3

Wherefore art thou, JJ Abrams?

How do you follow up a film like Star Trek Into Darkness? A similar feeling of trepidation must've faced the filmmakers behind The Search For Spock, what with being given the unenviable task of following up The Wrath Of Khan, arguably the best Trek-related thing ever made. JJ Abrams' second rebooted film riffed on that film, and genuinely kicked things up a notch. Everybody stepped up their game, too, with the entire cast bringing their A-game and Benedict Cumberbatch not half bad as the sort-of-main-antagonist. Throw in a heck of a lot more destruction, higher stakes and more lens flares than a cat skittering over your keyboard when you have Photoshop open, and it looked like the new Star Trek might've peaked. There was the 9/11 truther stuff, too, but the less said about that the better. The film was a crazy big success for Paramount, too, with the slicker, more modern and less fuddy-duddy take on the Enterprise appealing to a larger audience besides the devoted Trekkies. Trekkers. Whatever. Most of them hated it. The audience is larger than them, though, and so the third in the trilogy was quickly put into turanround. It's not due out until the newly announced July 8th, 2016 release date but there's already heapings of goss to mind meld with in the meantime, especially from this past week: here are ten things you need to know about Star Trek 3.
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