10 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About Daniel Craig's Bond Movies

You can pretend all you like that Craig-era Bond isn't a sexual deviant.

James Bond is an institution. The film franchise, which just released its 24th movie in the form of Sam Mendes' Spectre, continues the tradition of global domination as it pulls in more punters than ever before. After more than five decades of Bond, that's a hell of an achievement. That said, the Bond series might have been forced to call it a day had it not been for the "reboot" in 2006. After Die Another Die (which marked actor Pierce Brosnan's fourth and final turn as Bond) came to epitomise all that was wrong and dated about the franchise, a new, grittier approach was deemed to more in tune with the times. And so along came Casino Royale, which reimagined Bond as something akin to the Jason Bourne series. With Daniel Craig firmly in place as 007, the franchise suddenly found itself injected with a new lease of life; gone were the excessive theatrics and campy jokes of the Brosnan era - this was Bond rendered bloody and hard; less quipping and way more hitting. And in the year since, the Daniel Craig-led series of Bond films (of which there are four to date) have found the iconic hero at arguably his most popular. Quite the turnaround, you'll agree. Still, there are a few things that audiences seem keen to ignore with regards to this glorious era of Craig Bond movies. Problems that the collective fanbase have either failed to acknowledge or appear to be purposely overlooking; aspects that mean this era isn't quite as wonderful as everyone seems to think; stuff that nobody wants to say out loud...


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