10 Things Set Leaks Have Revealed About Upcoming Blockbusters

9. Aquaman's Atlantean Soldiers Look Like This

Boba Fett Han Solo
Warner Bros.

Aquaman footage will likely surface from the depths after the release of Justice League, but set leaks have given the fans a sneak peak at how it's shaping up.

One of the coolest things they've revealed is how the movie's Atlantean soldiers will look. It appears director James Wan and his team have been studying DC Comics' New 52 era, and maybe playing lots of Halo, too.

Other leaked images from the set of Aquaman have hinted at a plot twist, as Amber Heard's Mera has been spotted fleeing from these Atlantean soldiers, suggesting some kind of betrayal will take place.

Lead actor Jason Mamoa has also been spotted glimpsed stunts, including one in which he's tossed through a window. Looks like Aquaman won't be short on action scenes, but when has a superhero movie ever suffered from that problem?


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