10 Things That Could Save The Transformers Movies

'Til all are one!

Four films in and a fifth on the way, is there any hope for the live-action Transformers franchise at all? Well, actually, yes. Now that Michael Bay is out of the picture, there's suddenly a massive opportunity for the franchise to redeem itself. That may be easier said than done, but who knows what the future may hold? The films themselves are in desperate need of a change of scene -Age Of Extinction was branded as a reboot, but it actually offered little more than just some different characters to either team up with or go against Optimus.

But with that master of noise Michael Bay gone, the films have a chance for survival, rather than extinction. Transformers, in its various identities as films, comic books and TV shows, has proven time and time again that it is capable of delivering an entertaining story and engaging characters without the need to do, well, just about everything that the Bay-directed films have done since 2007.

There are a great many fans out there who€™ll insist how, in the forms of TV series, comic books, and even other films and video games, Transformers is a franchise that€™s very capable of offering audiences a rewarding experience, particularly when it comes to stories and characters. Let's have a look then at ten ways that these films everyone loves to hate could perhaps turn into films people love to love.


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