10 Things That Make No Sense About Star Wars Sequels

10. Luke Trained Leia?

Del Rey

On the surface, it makes sense that Luke would train Leia. Both are the children of one of the most powerful Force users of all time, Luke's goal post-Return of the Jedi was to rebuild the Jedi Order, and he'd want to start with someone he knew personally and would follow his teachings. It also explains how Leia was able to pull off her flying nun trick in Last Jedi, allows her to continue Rey's teaching after Luke dies, and lets her be a posthumous deus ex machina in Rise of Skywalker.

But on the other hand, when given further consideration, Leia being trained just muddles the narrative. It's only brought up that she received any training in Rise of Skywalker, but she apparently progressed enough to build her own here-to unseen lightsaber. She even became adept enough in the Force to have vivid, super-accurate precognitive visions that outpaced even Luke's. And in that time, she was also able to settle down with Han and have Ben? And this was never brought up again?

She was even such a powerful force user that she was able to dissolve into a Force Ghost, a trick so difficult that even fully-trained Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn wasn't able to do it properly and was only able to manifest as a voice. But this was only ever revealed because Rey needed a new lightsaber and J.J. Abrams wanted a nice send off for the late Carrie Fisher. Rest in peace, General.

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